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Recommended Reading

The following is a list of books which you may find of use when considering buying property and/or moving to Greece permanently or for an extended stay. 

To obtain copies of any of these books we suggest just click on the photos.  Some titles could be out of print but may be available from private sellers and some may not be so relevant today.

If you know of any other books to add to our list please email us with details and we will include them

Going to Live in Greece - Peter Reynolds

The true Greece without rose-tinted spectacles.  A practical and usable everyday handbook on this beautiful country.  This informative handbook guides the newcomer through all the procedures they need to know containing information ranging from health and welfare issues right through to the practicalities of sourcing and opening the right bank account. Whether you are a student, business person, holiday-home buyer, professional, retired person, or simply an interested traveller, you will find many of your initial questions answered - or advice given on where to seek answers to more complicated matters.

Sunday Times Buying a Property : Greece - Mark Dubin

The author advises on the best places to buy in Greece, gives the low-down on visas, job-hunting and education, covers the details of finding a property: choosing types of accommodation, renovating and security, offers specialist advice on mortgages, taxes, surveys and conveyancing, helps with the challenges of settling-in and understanding the society, the law and the language.

Living in Greece - Lyn Waldie

How to feel at home, make friends and enjoy everyday life.  A brief introduction to Greek culture for visitors, students and business travellers.  A handy little reference book for those considering making the move to Greece or contemplating spending some time there.  Good background information including history, customs, culture, food and language.  Some helpful advice on how to buy a property with all that this entails. Good section on resources with references to further reading and websites.  A compact and easy to read overall view.

Buying a Home in Greece - Joanna Styles

Buying a Home in Greece is essential reading for anyone planning to buy a home in Greece and is designed to guide you through the property maze and save you time trouble and money. Most importantly, it is packed with vital information to help you avoid the kind of disasters that can turn your dream home into a nightmare.

Vital topics covered include major considerations, finding the best place to live, funding Your dream home, money matters, the purchase procedure, moving house, taxation, insurance, letting.

The Rough Guide to Greece - Mark Dubin, John Fisher, Nick Edwards & Geoff Garvey

Make the most of your time with The Rough Guide to Greece, the ultimate handbook to the Greek mainland and islands - right down to the tiniest one-village outcrops.  There are three full-colour sections: Greek Cuisine, Wild Greece and Orthodox Festivals.  Hundreds of reviews of all the best places to eat, drink and sleep, for all budgets, plus practical tips on a wide range of activities from bird-watching and windsurfing to hiking and cycling.  The guide also takes a detailed look at the country's history, culture, mythology and wildlife and comes complete with maps and plans for every region.

Live & Work in Greece – Peter Reynolds

Now in its fifth edition this book provides updated, practical and fascinating information ranging from health and welfare issues, right through to the practicalities of identifying and opening the right bank account.  This book is for would-be house buyers, contract workers, emigrants, retirees, expatriates, students, professionals, interested travellers and anyone wanting to make Greece their second, first or temporary home.  It includes vital information on preparing a move to Greece, on choosing where to live, on buying and renting property, on settling in and dealing with the bureaucracy, on travelling around the country, on understanding the health and welfare system, on finding work or setting up a business and on education and recreation.

It's All Greek To Me! - John Mole

"It's All Greek to Me!" is John Mole's gentle tale of converting a stone ruin into a family home on the island of Evia.  A fabulous insight into Hellenic village life.  Anecdotes come thick and fast... the author's affable style suits the subject, and his self-deprecatory tone is a bonus. John Mole writes with clarity, honesty and humour...whether you are new to the country or share his passion for all things Greek, this book offers an entertaining glimpse of life in rural Greece. "It's All Greek to Me!" represents travel writing at its best.

Living & Working in Greece - Peter Reynolds

Encompassing the economic and social changes that have taken place in Greece in recent years, this practical guide covers all aspects of life and culture in the country and also features over 350 useful addresses and websites.

The Papas and the Englishman - Roy Hounsell

If you like all things Greek then this is a book for you. The author portrays the Greek way of life in an honest but also affectionate way - warts and all.  It is also a heart-warming account of finding a new life in Greece with all the problems of house hunting and house renovation.  He introduces the reader to the many characters he meets (some of whom become his friends) along the way.  Some of these will seem familiar to anyone who has visited Greece and met its people. He takes you on his journey.